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Taxation of Expatriates

An expatriate or expat is a person, who is living in a country that is not his birth place. This term has been widely used for technicians or personnel, who have been sent to a different country by their companies. India has its own set of rules for taxation on expats. The taxation rule is not as simple as regular citizens of the country. Taxation of expatriates is complex, and thus you need professional CA firm for tax audit, calculation and submission advices.

RGSC and Company is a veteran CA firm in India, offering accurate, effective and dedicated tax consultation services for expatriates. We have a team of professional chartered accountants, who do not have terrific knowledge but also have experience to resolve any taxation glitches with perfection.

Our Services

We offer professional solutions for taxation of expatriates both for individual expats and company that hires expats. Calculating critical taxation amount as per rules of Government of India, providing tax consultancy services, solving tax related glitches and auditing expatriate tax are the major services that we provide. For concluding the job, we have professional executives, who are poised with excellent insight and skills to make the process seamless.

  • Auditing: Tax auditing is a common service that is required by many clients. This job needs precision as well as accuracy and we can deliver that.
  • Consultation: Consultation is a critical job, which again needs wisdom and accuracy. Effective expat tax advices or consultation services are provided by us.
  • Claim Settlement: In case of over taxation, claims need to be lodged. We help clients on claim settlement for taxation on expats.

Why Us?

RGSC and Company is a serious CA firm in India, offering different types of taxation consultation and auditing services. We work with professional ethics, and believe in providing 100% client satisfaction. Choose us for the following reasons:

  • Taxation on expatriates is a critical thing, which needs to be managed with strong insight.
  • We are poised with experience to serve clients on taxation of expatriates.
  • Choose us for complete consultation services with precision.

To know more and to consult with us, feel free to get in touch with us.