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Tax Due Diligence

Merger and acquisition transactions have to be planned carefully so that they can seamlessly be executed. Apart from general financial transactions as per agreements, a lot of taxation processes are involved in this. This is why a proficient CA firm is required for carrying out the process of mergers and acquisitions. Particularly, this thing has been termed as tax due diligence.

The agreed upon procedures during merging or acquisitions are known to be due diligence exercises. RGSC and Company offers complete tax due diligence services with high end precision. We have competent and skilled chartered accountants who can do the job with commanding perfection.

Tax Due Diligence Services

‘Due diligence’ practices depend on a few perspectives. Based on these perspectives, we setup our own unique due diligence services. The two major aspects of our service are buyer due diligence and vendor due diligence. Have a quick look at our services:

  • Buyer Due Diligence: When it is referred as ‘due diligence’, by default it is considered as buyer due diligence. We provide expert advices and services to carry out the buyer due diligence exercises with high end perfection.
  • Vendor Due Diligence: In modern global business scenario, vendor due diligence has also become popular and one of the most sought after services. Being a contemporary and modernized CA firm in India, RGSC and Company offers excellent and highly satisfactory vendor due diligence services.
  • Financial Perspective: Apart from the above mentioned common due diligence practices, we also offer consultancy and management services for due diligence from financial perspective. This task is extensive, and it depends upon a lot of parameters. Our experience staffs can handle the job with professionalism.

Our Approach

Due diligence practices can be extensive, and thus it is important to start the process with the basic and traditional methods. We follow step by step approach to make the task accurate and fruitful for our clients. Have a quick look on our approach here:

  • Reviewing financial statements
  • Auditing contingent liabilities
  • Tax provision checking or reviewing
  • Preparing balance sheet for payable taxes or already paid taxes

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