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Company Formation in India

Among several other services, company formation consultancy in India is one of our core as well as highlighted services. RGSC and Company offers end to end assistances or complete assistances to ensure that company formation process in India becomes smooth and seamless.

Company formation process was quite hefty in India even a few years earlier. But, with the advent of time and with aggressive economic development policies by Indian Government, the process has become simpler than earlier. Nevertheless, professional company formation consultants like us are emerging to make the process more hassle free for you.

Services We Offer

As mentioned above, we provide complete assistance to our clients regarding company formation in India. As a reputed, professional and responsible service provider, we offer you the following major consultancy services:

  • Basic guideline for forming a company in India with time frames
  • Supplying information for company formation
  • Supplying information on documents required
  • Understating types of companies
  • Pros and cons of different types of companies
  • Consultancy to form registered office

Document Required

For company formation in India, you need to present some important documents. To aid our clients, we prepare a checklist of the documents that will be required. Here, you can have a look at the basic documents that are needed for company formation:

  • Name of the directors
  • Name of the shareholders
  • Company objective – a brief note
  • Paid up capital of company
  • Authorized capital of company
  • Proposed name of the company and its significance
  • Bank account details

It is mandatory to provide the documents that carry truthful information. In case of any glitches with documentation, the process will be prolonged. Generally, it takes 2 to 3 business days for company formation approval. Once the company name has been approved, we begin the process of registering your company. The registration process may take 3-4 weeks.

Company Directors

As per the rules and regulations of Indian Government, a company needs to be formed with minimum 2 directors. It is not mandatory for the directions to be Indian citizens. RGSC and Company provides services to both Indian residents and NRI or foreign residents for formation of company in India.